Sauna and Relaxation Wellness im Haus Ladner
Enjoy carefree hours in our sauna! We have a Finnish sauna, a bio sauna, a herbal steam bath, an infrared-cabin and an experience shower for your well-being and relaxation. Take some time for the finer things in life and enjoy the soothing effects of a sauna session after an exhausting skiing day or a strenuous hike. Opening hours on request

Our sauna area includes:

  • Finnish sauna
  • Bio sauna
  • Herbal steam bath
  • Infrared-cabin
  • Experience shower

Finnische SaunaFinnish Sauna – the Undisputed Classic

temperatures (about 90° Celsius) and low air humidity. Some of the positives effects: relaxation of muscles, stimulation of circulation, strengthening of immune system …
A sauna session in the Finnish sauna is an overall benefit for your well-being. Relax after a strenuous ski or hiking day and enjoy the beneficial effects of perspiration!

Opening hours on request

Wellness2Gentle Sweating in the Bio Sauna

Strip off the load of everyday life and just enjoy! Our bio sauna provides for pure relaxation. Temperatures between 40 and 65° Celsius and an air humidity of 40 – 50 % will make you sweat in a gentle way.
Due to its lower temperatures the bio sauna means less physical stress than the Finnish sauna. Therefore the bio sauna is recommended for people who are sensitive to heat or who aren’t regular visitors of a sauna.

Wellness3Beautiful Fragrances – Herbal Steam Bath

Let your mind wander, relax and feel good – our herbal steam bath will help you to quickly forget the worries of everyday life. The steam bath is based on an ancient tradition and operates at temperatures at a maximum of 50° Celsius and relative humidity of about 95 %. The combination of selected herbs from our mountains creates a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere. Your circulation will be stimulated and you will feel reborn.

SaunaHealthy Sweating in the Infrared-Cabin

Pamper body and soul, relax and recharge your batteries. The infrared-cabin operates at temperatures between 40 and 50° Celsius which – in contrast to the conventional sauna – allow gentle, circulation-friendly sweating. The invisible infrared rays penetrate deep into the body. Thus, the cells are revived, metabolic activity and blood circulation are stimulated. Since the body is exposed to only a low temperature you feel fit, comfortable and well after an infrared session.


WasserWater in Creative Form – Experience Shower

Gone are the days when a simple shower was enough to provide the necessary water to clean up. A multi-function shower, also known as experience shower, provides for very special wet events.
Rain is refreshing and awakens your spirits. For sure, you remember those warm summer rains which spread a certain cent and a wonderful atmosphere. In our experience shower you will recall these unforgettable moments.

The experience shower offers various functions – all of them with positive effects for the circulation. These include, for example, waterfall, changing feeling and massage function.